Concrete Thickness & Novotest Rebar Detector Tool

Novotest claims NDT (Non-Destructive Test) 3 best in the world, NDT is very much related to civil engineering that is done to test & measure the behavior of buildings with it required fast and accurate supporting test equipment such as Rebar Detector.

You need to know in advance about Rebar (Reinforcing Bar), Is a steel commodity that is widely used reinforcement of the structure to strengthen the construction of flyovers and high rise buildings. Detections are transcribed detection. If you want to see more detector you can visit Fire protection companies in kuwait .

Concrete thickness gauge & rebar detection tool is used to detect reinforcement in concrete elements of course reinforcement embedded in the cement layer serves as a concrete element ribs. The connection with the detection is to read the presence of metal contained in the concrete and can also see the thickness of the distance between the metal to the point of the outer wall of concrete.

Broadly the principle of the rebar detection tool is to utilize the electromagnetic field, which is easily affected by the metal / metal, in this case is a steel reinforcement in the concrete. The process is known that there is a reinforcement in the concrete is exactly how it works like a metal detector by scanning.

Thick Concrete Measure Concrete & Novotest Rebar Detector

Function gauge thickness of concrete blanket & Novotest rebar detection:

  • Measure the thickness of a protective layer of concrete of a certain diameter
  • Determination of fitting diameters for known protective layers
  • Unknown parameter measurement on repetition
  • Product scanning mode
  • Deep search for reinforcement
  • Configuration mode for steel

Excellence of Concrete Thickness & Novotest Rebar Detector:

  • High precision measurement of concrete blankets
  • Look for reinforcement by means of linear indicators, digital readings, and sound
  • Equipped with deep search mode
  • Ability to offset the effects of parallel rods
  • Graphical display with backlight
  • Design the sensor with a comfortable strap
  • Small size and light weight
  • Determination of projection on the surface of concrete reinforcement, measurement of protective layer, approximate diameter
  • Automatic instrument calibration before taking measurements
  • Automatic setting for steel
  • Display information on the graphical display with backlight