Tricks and interesting features of Spotify

Spotify allows access to 30 million songs. We teach you to get more out of this musical platform.
We recognize the importance of music, either because you are overcoming hard times in your life, or simply because you love to live in good spirits through this form of expression. The truth is that since its launch in October 2008, Spotify is part of the most popular streaming music services that exist. Its platform allows access to 30 million songs, approximately, of all the musical genres, whether you do it with a free account -with certain limitations- or by paying a monthly fee and obtaining additional features.

Even though it is not the only online music service, many people use it daily. For those who are part of the followers of Spotify, we compiled a series of tricks and functions that may not be noticed at first, but with those who will then be able to get more out of this musical platform. Here is one of The Best Site to Buy real spotify followers or buy real soundcloud favorites, you can choose the service from Their list.


To be able to listen to music, logically the first thing is to find it. The easiest way is to search for the artist’s name, the title of the album, or the song. However, there are more advanced ways to find the music you want, for example by making use of keywords in your search field. Here are some examples:

You can search by label, using the label “label” followed by the name of the label. For example, if you type “label: warner”, the search would throw artists, songs and albums out of that label.

You can also search for music by genre, although you must write it in English, next to the label “genre”. For example, if you type “genre: classical”, you will find classic songs, which are also ideal for use in your yoga center.

In the same way, you can do the music search for a specific year, or range of years. You can do it from both options, using the label “year”, such as: “year: 1976” or “year: 1980-1990”.

One last trick to find music on Spotify is to search for all versions of the same song. If you want to do this type of search, you must type in the “title” search engine, followed by the topic you want. For example: “title: hotel california”. The results will yield different versions.


Like web browsers, which store the history of the pages visited by the user, Spotify does the same with the songs you’ve listened to. This does not represent any kind of danger to privacy, since it is a list of personal use, which can only be accessed by the user. This function can be quite handy to remember the singer’s name, or the song you heard recently, but now you do not remember.

If you want to access this history, you must open the desktop client of Spotify and click on the icon with three stripes in the lower right corner. This icon will allow you to open a new section in the client with two sections: “Cola”, in which will appear the songs that will soon sound, and “History”, in which you can re-view the ones that have already sounded.


Creating song lists on this platform is very simple. You must right click on the “Playlist” section, located in the right sidebar, or on any song with which you want to start a list, and choose the option. You should only consider that if you get many lists, it can be uncomfortable to handle them all. In order to organize them better, Spotify will allow you to group the lists by folders. This is simple, just right click on the “Playlist” section, located in the left sidebar, and select the “Create folder” option. Then, you only have to drag the lists that you have chosen on the folder that you created recently to save them within her.


If you have accidentally deleted, you have deleted a list – even though the program sends a warning to confirm the deletion, it falls within the probabilities that you have lost and clicked where it did not touch – you should not worry. The same happens on the computer with the files deleted by mistake, and in the case of these lists that you have accidentally deleted, you can also retrieve them.

To do so you will need to log in, from the Spotify website, and click on the “Retrieve playlist” option located in the left sidebar. After that, you just have to click on the “Restore” link, which is next to the playlist you want to recover, and it will be restored as if nothing had happened.