Understanding Co-Location Services And Their Importance To Businesses

We at Datanet serve a host of clients who use co-location services to benefit them and serve their needs in a variety of ways. But what is co-location? Co-location is about housing the most critical equipment in a robust data centre with cooling, connectivity and power. In this piece, we will be taking a look at some of the ways co-location is used by three of our clients to highlight some of the diverse advantages that offsite co-location can offer.

Co-Location As A Business Continuity Plan

One of Datanet clients, a company based in central London, takes up our co-location services as one of their business continuity plans, as their business requires them to house all their critical DR servers in a secure and private location outside of the city. For them to get to their hardware quickly if the need arises, their off-site hardware has to be close by. Luckily, our London Edge data centre is well located to serve this need. They also do a backup of all their data on to Datanet’s Dell Equal Logic storage arrays. This makes it possible for them to have a backup of all their data in case there is a loss of infrastructure in London. All they’ll have to do is come to our offices and have all their data restored onto new hardware that’s housed in a data centre rack. The great thing about using Datanet services is that we also offer our customers suites.

Co-Location As A POC or Proof of Concept Laboratory

Another one of our clients takes up a considerable amount of space on the racks to provide their PoC or Proof of Concept laboratory services. The company tests various hardware and applications for its large international telco customers before releasing them into the live environment. Co-locating in one of our Data Centres makes it possible for them to stimulate a live global environment through which they can test their applications, hardware and software. This ensures that they deliver a finished product that works as expected once it’s rolled out.

Co-location As A Means To Provide Cloud-Based Managed I.T. Services

Another one of our customers is a company that offers managed I.T. services and requires co-location to offer its customers a secure and resilient suite of cloud services that are delivered through Datanet’s data centre. Our tier3+ data centre, complete with UPS systems, multiple onsite generators, a steady internet connection and cooling systems, guarantees 99.99{f858078645ace186e8fe70041241ce48aca38bf89524e3f2ab0c0811a8993c23} uptimes. This is what they rely on to offer their clients an availability of services and applications at all times considering that they are always on.

Considering what you have learned from looking at three customers who use our co-location services, it is easy to see how using co-location can be of great benefit to businesses.

Whether it’s used to offer managed and cloud-based information technology services, to set up a PoC lab for testing or as a part of your business’ continuity plan, co-location plays a very crucial role and is an essential asset to all the businesses mentioned above.

At Datanet co-location, we not only offer power, connectivity, cooling, security and space, we also offer the availability of your services and data and high bandwidth. At the same time, you also get peace of mind knowing that you have a team of on-site experts and engineers that are always ready and willing to help you if need be.