As technology develops, there are several advanced technologies that are useful in our daily lives, one of which is computer technology. Most of us, of course, know that computers have a lot of benefits for our daily lives. Even with the existence of a computer, all our daily activities become easier. Benefits of the computer itself is a multi functional technology. Computers have become part of the life of all groups of people. Starting from adults to small children. The following are the benefits of computer technology in daily activities:

Computer Technology

Means of Communication

The first main function of the computer is as a means of communication. Most of the world’s people, have made the computer as a means of communication. Without us realizing it, the emergence of computers has succeeded in slowly replacing home telephones. By using a computer, we can access anything with the help of the internet network, and can connect to social media.

The Computer as a Means of Facilitating Work

Almost all working world environments use computers as a technological tool to complete office work. Computers are also used by all levels in the office. Starting from the director to the receptionist. Computers have benefits such as processing data, speeding up work, sending and receiving information, and printing important documents.

Educational Facilities

It is undeniable that the computer has become a tool that helps many students in doing homework and others. Computers help in both online and offline learning processes. Computers in the world of education can also be used by teachers to provide subject matter, find the latest curriculum, and more. Teachers can also provide videos, the latest learning methods to make it easier for students, especially during a pandemic like this.

Entertainment Media

Besides having many benefits for education and work, computers can also be used as a medium of entertainment. For example, playing games, watching movies or videos and maybe talking to friends via video calling apps. Computers are able to provide entertainment for all ages.