With the proliferation of games platforms and the money that is being pumped into the industry over the last few years has made gaming software accessible for a number of companies. When people think of gaming software, they instantly associate the software with consoles and PC’s, but with the recent influx of online casino sites for the UK, we are seeing advance software being developed for our casino games too. It just shows how far technology has come in regards to the gaming industry- whether it be online casino games or an Xbox game, the software for these games are becoming ever more powerful, providing more entertainment for its players.

Worlds Of Gamers

With that said, here’s a look at some of the most common software used for online games:

Unreal Engine – Android, HTML5, iOS, Linux, Mac, Oculus, PC, PlayStation, SteamOS, Xbox

Unreal Engine is one of the most common and successful gaming softwares currently out on the market. It has powered games such as BioShock, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3, Unreal Tournament plus many other popular titles. The software also has access to the C++ source code hosted on GitHub. The tech includes the Blueprint visual scripting system, the Persona animation system and Matinee timeline-based machininma and cinematic system.

Unity – Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Linux, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Windows

The latest version of Unity includes the integration of Geometrics’ Enlighten tech, Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR Ray Tracing tech, SpeedtTree and revamped audio tools.  It offer new 2D development tools and character animation tech Mecanim, and is free to the XBOX and Wii U developers. PlayStation 4 developers also have access to this engine. Games that use the Unity software are:

  • Temple Run Trilogy
  • Wasteland 2
  • Rust
  • Deus Ex: The Fall

CryEngine – Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation, Xbox One, Wii U

This software is one of the most powerful available to developers and with Crytek keen to welcome Indies, developers can now sign up to use the engine for a small fee. Features include the engines physically-based shading, geometry cache and image-based lighting. Games that use this software are:

  • Far Cry
  • Evolve
  • Prey
  • State of Decay

GameMaker – Android, Browser, iOS, Mac, PC, PlayStation, Windows

Developed by YoYo Games, a wealth of titles has been created through this 2D development including titles such as Gunpoint, Hotline Miami, Spelunky and Super Crate Box. The software is free to all PlayStation platforms as the tech supports the PSN features and licensed peripherals including controllers, control inputs and cameras.

Havok Vison Engine Android, iOS, Wii, Windows, Xbox 360

This cross-platform game engine has been around for years and is probably the oldest on this list and provides players with object-orientated C++ API. The development tech is optimised for last-gen consoles and PCs

The full game engine licence includes licences for Havok Vision, AI and Behvaior as well as Autodesk’s UI solution Scaleform illumination middleware Beast. The toolset ships with the source code and 3ds Max and Maya exporters.

As of yet the tech does not support PS4 and Xbox One.