Commenting on the launch of a high-end smartphone at a premium price, a friend of mine commented: Mobile phones with prices above 5 million don’t make sense, are over priced, too much. Although I basically agree with a friend’s opinion, I replied: Expensive, cheap or mediocre a smartphone depends on whether we can take advantage or benefit from it. For example we buy a premium mobile phone for 12 million, and with it we can increase productivity worth 1 million per month so that means the smartphone is not expensive. Agree?

I myself feel fortunate to have had a smartphone from the cheapest (the low end) to the most expensive (the highest end). With smartphones – smartphones that I have had then I can take some wisdom. There are at least 2 important lessons I get. First, identify your needs before buying a smartphone. Second, smartphones with affordable prices are not necessarily of poor quality. There are some smartphones that are even cheap but have good quality and performance. As buyers who already know very well what is needed here we must be observant, read reviews on the internet and compare for a smartphone with the best value.

Know the Need Before Buying a Smartphone

Each person’s need for a smartphone is usually different and unit. For each of them generally requires features or specifications of the unit. That’s right, if someone says there is a smartphone that can do everything. But believe me, smartphones with all around capabilities are always offered at prices that my friends call “unreasonable”.

Here I will give some examples of people’s needs for a smartphone.

For an office worker who needs to read and edit documents, run messaging applications, email like exchange, connect to a virtual private network in my opinion requires a cellphone that uses SoC Snapdragon 625 or equivalent, 3GB RAM, a screen with fHD resolution, 4G LTE connection and a fairly large battery size.

For a mobile photography enthusiast, I suggest a cellphone that uses a Sony IMX sensor of at least 12 MP, 3 GB of RAM, at least 64 GB of storage, full HD screen and an adequate processor.

Someone who uses a smartphone to run social media and online business might need a spec that is not too high. Enough HD screen, proc SD 430 or equivalent, 2 GB RAM. For children and someone who is just transitioning from a phone to a smartphone feature, the needs may be simpler.

Of some things that are specific to the actual needs there are some tips from me in general to get the best value and price. Among these are: 1. Don’t be fanatical about one brand but don’t try too many new players in the smartphone world. 2. No need to buy the most recently released smartphone, smartphones that have been released in the past year will still be capable but at a more affordable price. 3. choose a smartphone that has a service center in the city where you live or are known to have good after sale service.

The last question is where can I buy a smartphone at the best price? To note each store is always competing to offer the best price of their version. Each store has their own calculation to determine their profit margins. Comparing the prices of each physical store can be tiring. Different from comparing prices between online stores.

Wisely make a purchase of course not only we need to do in buying a Smartphone. In buying other items, especially those that are more expensive such as cars, of course demand a higher level of wisdom. Buying or selling a used car is in my opinion something that is budget wise. The number of cheap used car buying and selling pages on the internet are pages that should be used.