EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.0

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Totally free is ready to recuperate deleted, formatted or usually inaccessible information from your hard drive. You could get well files, pictures, new music, videos, email messages, folders, and archive documents etcetera from Windows laptops and desktop pcs. The app also supports multiple storage gadgets like external challenging drives, USB drives, SD cards, memory playing cards, digital cameras, and MP3/MP4 players, etc.

Vital Attributes include things like:

Supports all types of dropped files, which includes pics, documents, movies, audio, emails, archives etc free data recovery software,
Recuperate deleted, formatted or inaccessible details.
Recuperate lost facts from deleted volumes & partitions.
Get well missing information from Windows notebooks, desktops, Windows server, difficult drives, USB drives, SD cards, memory cards, and digital cameras.
Supports RAW restoration.
Support for Windows 10.

The application has a fresh, modern looking interface, which is easy to navigate. Upon startup it asks you what type of information do you want to recuperate? You have various options to choose from, together with Graphics, Audio, Email, Document, Video, Archive and Other. Simply choose which type of data files you need and click Next. The next screen shows your connected drives and storage media etcetera. From here you may perform the scan to get well your info. Once scanned, if your requested details is not shown, then it is possible to undertake a Deep Scan to try again. If you do locate it, you have to option to Export it to another storage area.

Overall, Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free of charge is a helpful tool that can perform a really useful service. If you have ever been in the situation where you have ‘lost’ your information, then a solution such as this, can be priceless. As this is freeware, you can’t go far wrong! The only downside we can see is the limitation of 2GB total recovery allowance, but apart from that, Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free is a top notch disaster recovery solution that everyone should try.

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is a one-stop & no cost data recovery software to get well 2GB knowledge. It is a comprehensive file recovery freeware which can get well deleted files or folders even when they have been emptied from Recycle Bin, get well details due to format, dropped partition, system crash, virus attack, and many others. Compare with other data restoration freeware, it can restore files from formatted disk, dynamic disk, deleted or misplaced partition with original file names & storage paths. By the way, it is designed with wizard mode which makes the info restoration process easy even for a beginner. Free, easy-to-use, powerful functions make Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Cost-free Edition a must-have data recovery software in case of any details loss. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free of charge Edition supports data restoration from difficult disk and other media, such as Memory card, USB flash travel, or SD card under Home windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Home windows 7, 8. … Read More

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Free Recovery Software To Recover Lost Data

Your data on your computers like videos, images, movies, documents, and other stuff may be the most important thing for you. Though, you should be careful with your data so that you don’t delete or corrupt it. But many times it may have occurred that your data you wanted to do something and accidentally delete your precious photos collection that you had kept safe for all this time. You may think it will not be possible for you to recover that data but don’t worry. There are many data recovery software available on the internet that you can use to recover your lost data.

There may be many reasons that can delete your data including hard drive failure, operating system failure or crashes, viruses or accidentally deleting or formatting the data. In case an operating system failure or crash has caused to delete the data or you accidentally deleted a file, there are many free recovery software is available with which you can recover your lost data. When the data is lost due to a hard drive failure, it may be impossible to recover all the data and you can only recover parts of it. In cases like these more emphasis is on salvaging whatever data that can be saved instead of complete recovery. But in another case, it is easy to save your data with the help of recovery tools.

When you delete a file from your computer, it is not actually deleted, but moved to recycle bin. Even if you empty the recycle bin, you only remove the access to that file from system directories and it remains there until it is overwritten by new data. So data recovery software scours your hard drive and gets any recoverable data, again binds them together and your data is available in a form that you can easily recover it. The best data recovery software in the market also provides a preview of recovered files, easy file restoration, searching or filtering particular file and much more facilities.

Using these tools is very easy and convenient and you also don’t need help from data recovery professionals for salvaging your data. You just need to install the free recovery software on your PC or Laptop and launch the application. After installing, you just need to scan your computer and the software will search on your drive about the possible lost data and will recover the data if possible. Some recovery software will also show you the preview of the files and you can choose which to recover and which not.

You can recover data from your pc/laptop, external drive, SSD, USB drive, memory card, digital camera, smartphone, and other storage devices. This recovery software can be used to recover all types of files such as documents like doc, html, ppt, etc; audio files, videos, emails, and other files like zip files and archives.

Various recovery tools are available both premium and free. But free recovery software is effective and efficient in the process … Read More

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How To Simply Distinguish Original or Fake Android Phone

The rise of Android phones on the market today clearly become one of the advantages for consumers in the country. Therefore, consumers will obviously get more choices that suit their needs.

Therefore, to help you potential buyers of new Android phones, following Softteco team provide some tips to distinguish genuine or fake Android phones.

  1. Check the physical form directly

Physical form of fake Android phone can indeed be very identical to the original. However, there will still be a difference between a genuine and a fake phone. For that, before buying it is advisable to check the brief information about the phone to be purchased.

From there, at least you can know the physical form and the material used. So, when buying a mobile phone, you should be suspicious when there are parts that look different.

  1. Make sure the IMEI number

Each phone is certain to have its own IMEI number. For that, when buying a mobile phone, there’s nothing wrong to first check the IMEI number by pressing the * # 06 #. From there, IMEI phone number will exit.

If it appears IMEI number can be matched with the number shown in the sales box. And, if still not sure, IMEI number can be checked directly at imei.info site. On the site that later can be raised more information about the phone in question.

  1. Use third-party applications

To make sure a genuine or fake Android phone can also use free apps available on the Google Play Store.


There are several applications that can be used to find out exact information about the phone. Some of them are AnTuTu Benchmark or CPU-Z.

AnTuTu is usually used to test the benchmark of a mobile phone. In the test results will usually include data and also the performance of the phone.

Therefore, once the test results are obtained, it can also be compared with reviews related to that phone from other sources, for example on the internet.

If it turns out the test results differ greatly with the existing reviews, it could not hurt to suspect that the phone is not native.


While the application of CPU-z is used to find information and specifications surrounding the phone. You can also compare it with information from the vendor’s official website or the internet site that has reviewed it.

  1. Do not be tempted cheap price

This is one way that is not technical, but quite telling. Instead, do not be tempted by high-end mobile phones that suddenly sold cheaply.


You need to make sure the price is on the market with the given offer. If it turns out that the price offered is far in the market price, you are naturally suspicious.

In addition, the warranty card can also be used as a measure. Therefore, the warranty card usually exists in one sales package on Android phones today, in addition to data cable, head charger, and also the manual.


Moreover, currently Android vendors in Indonesia almost all have included this completeness in … Read More

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Facebook Hacker Apps for Android

Everybody has smartphones and accounts in different social networks. The invention of the Internet expanded the boundaries and made many things possible. For instance, nowadays, we can communicate with each other via a great number of different messengers. However, such a situation gave rise to criminal offences as well. There are many Facebook hacker apps for android and other operational systems, and each of them poses a threat to your personal information.

The Functions and Peculiarities of Facebook Hacker Apps for Android

Today, almost anyone may get access to your account on Facebook or other social networks. Do not hope that you may avoid this danger because you never know what other people may wish to learn about you. Therefore, it is extremely important to learn the possibilities that can be offered to us by different mobile spying apps:

  1. Access to call logs.

    This is the basic function of a cell phone tracking app. By using it, you will be able to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls, their date and duration. It is a good source of information about the owner of a monitored smartphone.

  2. Reading of text messages.

    Another useful function gives access to all text messages received and sent on a smartphone. Hence, you get access to all SMS and e-mails, as well as messages from different social account and messengers. There is no better way to learn some confidential information than read someone’s correspondence.

  3. Monitoring of multimedia files.

    Moreover, the majority of mobile trackers allow you to get access to multimedia content of a smartphone. Most of cell phones are equipped with cameras nowadays. So, by using this function, you will be able to see all multimedia files: photos and videos created by an embedded camera or saved from the Internet.

  4. Tracking location via GPS.

    The function of a location tracker can be very useful, especially if you need to know the exact position of a cell phone’s owner. Nowadays, all smartphones are equipped with GPS-receivers, and even if it is switched off, a good-quality tracking app is able to define the location of a smart phone or at least determine where it was used for the last time.

One of the most popular and effective spying apps for cell phones is mSpy. It has all above-mentioned functions that will be available for you after downloading this app here – https://www.mspy.com/facebook-spy.html. However, it should be mentioned that some functions can be used only after rooting of the Android device. This procedure is necessary to give the app an opportunity to control a smartphone. Rooting will not take a lot of time because there are many articles and videos in the Internet that help you to do it in several minutes.

One needs to remember that spying apps can be used for a variety of purposes. For instance, if you suspect your spouse or a significant other of marital infidelity, or lose the contact with your children and don’t even know where … Read More

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Understanding Co-Location Services And Their Importance To Businesses

We at Datanet serve a host of clients who use co-location services to benefit them and serve their needs in a variety of ways. But what is co-location? Co-location is about housing the most critical equipment in a robust data centre with cooling, connectivity and power. In this piece, we will be taking a look at some of the ways co-location is used by three of our clients to highlight some of the diverse advantages that offsite co-location can offer.

Co-Location As A Business Continuity Plan

One of Datanet clients, a company based in central London, takes up our co-location services as one of their business continuity plans, as their business requires them to house all their critical DR servers in a secure and private location outside of the city. For them to get to their hardware quickly if the need arises, their off-site hardware has to be close by. Luckily, our London Edge data centre is well located to serve this need. They also do a backup of all their data on to Datanet’s Dell Equal Logic storage arrays. This makes it possible for them to have a backup of all their data in case there is a loss of infrastructure in London. All they’ll have to do is come to our offices and have all their data restored onto new hardware that’s housed in a data centre rack. The great thing about using Datanet services is that we also offer our customers suites.

Co-Location As A POC or Proof of Concept Laboratory

Another one of our clients takes up a considerable amount of space on the racks to provide their PoC or Proof of Concept laboratory services. The company tests various hardware and applications for its large international telco customers before releasing them into the live environment. Co-locating in one of our Data Centres makes it possible for them to stimulate a live global environment through which they can test their applications, hardware and software. This ensures that they deliver a finished product that works as expected once it’s rolled out.

Co-location As A Means To Provide Cloud-Based Managed I.T. Services

Another one of our customers is a company that offers managed I.T. services and requires co-location to offer its customers a secure and resilient suite of cloud services that are delivered through Datanet’s data centre. Our tier3+ data centre, complete with UPS systems, multiple onsite generators, a steady internet connection and cooling systems, guarantees 99.99% uptimes. This is what they rely on to offer their clients an availability of services and applications at all times considering that they are always on.

Considering what you have learned from looking at three customers who use our co-location services, it is easy to see how using co-location can be of great benefit to businesses.

Whether it’s used to offer managed and cloud-based information technology services, to set up a PoC lab for testing or as a part of your business’ continuity plan, co-location plays a very crucial role and is … Read More

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