Can Reseller Hosting be a Viable Business Option for You?

Digitization has made social media platforms and search engines the main drivers of a business. All businesses have websites, therefore started working on improving their online presence. This means that all businesses need a website and hence a reliable web host. While there is a wide array of hosting companies offering competitive plans, website owners are looking for a hosting provider who can offer customized services catered to their needs. This is where Reseller Hosting steps in. In this article, we will talk about the reseller hosting business and why it can be a viable option for you.

An Introduction to Reseller Hosting

As a hosting reseller, you buy a hosting package from a hosting company, divide it into smaller customized parts, and sell it to your clients. So, you are the host for your clients without having to run or maintain your web server. Hence, the costs of starting a reseller hosting business are low. Further, most reseller hosting packages allow you to create your brand too. You can choose from Windows and Linux Reseller Hosting plans.

Is Reseller Hosting Business Viable?

Whether you are in the business of web design and development or looking for a good business opportunity, becoming a hosting reseller can be a good option. Here’s why:

1.       You can offer customized hosting packages

While you are buying resources from a hosting company, you have the liberty of customizing the hosting plan to suit the requirements of your clients. This gives you an edge … Read More

9 clean and easy steps to pick a cloud provider company and cloud hosting in India

Cloud has been the premise of most IT infrastructure inside the Indian market. You may also have heard about, or might have witnessed, the benefits given by cloud hosting providers in India. Now maximum companies migrate to the cloud, tempted to strive or even test the technology. If you need to enlarge your current infrastructure, you want to recognize a few recommendations and steps that will help you pick out the right web hosting provider. This article will help you understand this thing in particular. So there are nine primary and easy steps to pick a cloud host in India and a service company for it.

1. Ask yourself: Why do I want to migrate to the cloud?

Switching to the cloud is a large exchange in commercial enterprise relationships. Before you’re inside the cloud, watch out for the possibility that you really need to be there. Try to suppose and calculate how and whether or not the cloud helps you for your hosting endeavours

2. What would it cost to bring into effect daily work:

If you choose the excellent way to host cloud, try to burn fees which may be very essential for each and every effort. Cost is a key aspect in phrases of hosting offerings. When it comes to cloud hosting providers in India, be cautious no longer to choose cheap cloud services that lessen the ambition of your internet site.

3. Select cloud for cheaper migrating costs

Migration to cloud entails numerous charges, this includes- … Read More