Supporting Accessories Which Is Compulsory For Laptops

Using portable computer devices such as laptops must be equipped with some essential and compulsory accessories. The reason is, this laptop is a fairly sensitive device, and some of these accessories can make your laptop protected. What Accessories Do I Mean? Check out more below.

Anti-scratch screen for laptop

Not only smartphones that use anti-scratch, laptop also has its own anti-scratch or commonly called with Screen protector (screen protector). This screen protector is one of the must-have accessories for laptop users. The reason, laptop screen also includes a very sensitive device. With this screen protector then your laptop can avoid the scratches or dirt that usually attached to the hand. You can also easily clean your laptop screen without having to touch directly with the original screen. For more accessories for laptops you can visit

Protector for Keyboard

For those of you who like to smoke while working at the computer front laptop, this keyboard protector is perfect for you. It can protect dust, and cigarette ash. Dirt like dust and cigarette ash can make your keyboard quickly damaged. So the keyboard response to the computer could have slowed down. This keyboard protector is also waterproof, so if you drop water above the keyboard it will not directly penetrate into your laptop. The reason, the bottom of this keyboard is the place of all components of the laptop is installed. So it’s important that you protect your keyboard from the keyboard protector.

Cooling Pad

These accessories are also very useful for you who are active in using laptop to work. With this cooling pad, you can linger in front of the laptop and the temperature on your laptop is maintained. However, you also do not often use this cooling pad. Because, cooling on is just a fan that is placed on the bottom of the laptop, which of course can send dust that can stick to the parts – your laptop parts. Just use this cooling pad when your laptop is overheating. Because, laptops are over heat would be quickly damaged and slow.